1. Man looking through magnifying glass
  2. A man explaining something to a woman sitting across the table from him
  3. Business man leaning against a giant question mark, looking pensive
  4. Woman explaining something to a colleague in an assertive manner
  5. A point-of-view picture of a person sitting at a desk with a keyboard, mouse and coffee, looking down at their hands as they draw a flow chart
  6. Man with lots of arms, each holding something work-related (a clipboard, a phone, a calculator, a Post-It note, a notepad. etc.) sitting at desk in front of a laptop, looking overwhelmed
  7. Man looking through magnifying glass
  8. Five businessmen on top of a mountain, three with fists in the air, cheering, one looking down the mountain with binoculars, and one with one hand on his hip, holding a flag
  9. An illustration of a man sitting at a desk with his laptop, with tablet computers in the background, showing graphs and flow charts
  10. A businessman sitting behind some chess pieces with his hands clasped, considering his next move
  11. A man with a cape, taking flight like Superman

Reclaro® – Because focus delivers.

Using the power of focus to take action and achieve your goals. Reclaro® is based on "The World's Best One Page Action Plan" developed by Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader and Performance Partner - Pete Wilkinson

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