1 vision

The first step to your Reclaro 1-3-5® Action Plan is to decide what you want to achieve and how much time you need to successfully achieve it - this is your vision.

You will write a succinct statement of your vision as if you’ve already achieved it.

Don’t write “I’m going to build a successful business that has a £1.5m turnover” write “I have a fantastic business that turns over £1.5m” We want to build the belief that you have already achieved it so that our sub conscious mind goes to work and makes it so.

Then allocate a time frame - it could be 12 months or even 6 weeks - it’s up to you - but be realistic you don’t want to have to change course half way through!

Overall vision showing 100%

3 core objectives

Next you’ll identify 3 objectives that are absolutely core to the success of your vision — these are your core objectives.

The reason we have core objectives is because you probably have more to do than you have time to do it and you probably have a task list that never gets completed!

By splitting your vision into 3 we cover the main objectives that are needed to achieve your vision and this is where we are going to direct our attention. Everything we do from here on in has the purpose of enabling you to achieve your vision in an effective way as quickly as possible.

For example, we have a sales and marketing strategy that delivers our planned 12 month growth of 25% whilst maintaining our gross margin of 30%. We've hit our profit target of 10% The strategy is clear and fully adopted.

Three core objectives, showing 100% complete

5 goals

Then you’ll set 5 actionable steps to help you achieve each of your core objectives they will keep you moving forward and help you to concentrate your efforts towards a successful vision - these are your goals.

Treat them like signposts that help you get to your ultimate destination - you’ll also be able to measure the inevitable progress you’re going to be making as each goal will be an action that you can tick off once it’s been completed.

Five goals showing 100% complete

But it doesn’t end there!

To help you plan the progress of your 1-3-5®, and keep it on track, you will be prompted to complete ‘Start of the week’ and ‘End of the week’ routines and part of these include the setting of very important tasks (VITs)

These are small tasks that will need to be completed each day to help you achieve a successful conclusion of your 1-3-5® goals.

Page of a calendar with a thumbs-up instead of the day number

Another routine to help you along the way is Effectiveness Tracking - this can either be self scored or by completing an effectiveness quiz at the end of each week or month.

By creating and completing your weekly routines, and seeing your results as % scores over a chosen timeline on our Effectiveness Tracker, your efficiency levels will increase dramatically.

This is a great tool for performance management.

Chart showing gradual growth

And there’s more

Here's the really clever part - you also have the ability to delegate each one of your goals, either as a single task to another one of your colleagues, or as a stand alone 1-3-5® plan with multiple team members - either way offers mulitiple layers and infinite planning opportunities that can all be monitored through your Reclaro 1-3-5® dashboard.

Delegates linking to each other in a network

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