Written by Pete Wilkinson

Last updated 15 July 2022 ·

Ten highly effective habits for productivity and peak performance

A successful business is often managed by a highly motivational leader who embodies some of the most effective habits for productivity as they eagerly steer their teams in a direction that heightens productivity levels, saves time, and is lucrative.

Whilst every leadership style is different, practising these ten highly effective habits for productivity will lay the foundations for success in becoming an effective leader and managing a flourishing business.

1. Become more self-aware

To effectively manage a team, a leader must first be able to understand themselves. Pinpointing the influence of your values, personality, emotions, and habits on your actions will significantly lower your stress, position you for better decision-making, and eventually lead others to do the same.

2. Be authentic

No, this does not imply that business leaders must freely voice every one of their secrets. A genuine leader brings their complete self to their team while remaining fully engaged and transparent in the workplace. The bottom line is to stay keen and optimistic across all areas and forms of communication.

3. Stay in the learning seat

Constantly learn more. In agreement with this notion, Forbes reiterates:

If you are a leader, you should strive to acquire knowledge to improve yourself, your company, and the people who work for you. To do anything less is to shortchange your ability to lead.

What matters is that considering external views will increase your team’s value, which is essential for the positive advancement of the business.

4. Persist through ambiguity

No one knows EVERYTHING. As a leader, you may feel pressured to make flawless decisions - Perfection is impossible. Resilient leaders use what they know to make the best decision for the team.

5. Identify daily objectives

OKRs, objectives and key results provide a goal-setting framework that allows you to cascade your top-level objectives throughout all teams. Hence, everyone knows what to work on at all times to impact business performance. At Reclaro, we provide OKR software, which encourages team alignment and assesses team growth. OKRs generate consistency to promote team connection and expansion. This approach highlights the daily objectives and tasks to be worked on concisely.

6. Crave innovation and act

Leaders must constantly strive to advance and make decisions that promote growth in the corporation. The term “analysis paralysis” refers to the fear of possibly making the wrong decision, which often leads to delayed action - causing a bigger problem. A solid leader ignores the fear and recognises that progression is far better than stagnation. They also become aware of everyday distractions and work hard to minimise these in favour of concentrated thought.

7. Focus on team development

Regularly meet with your team. These moments will allow you to advance your team in supplying the knowledge needed to craft a winning strategy. Communicate your business goals and invite your ideas and suggestions for innovation. An OKR software system facilitates communication and autonomy of work, resulting in more effective execution and increased employee engagement.

8. Cultivate team chemistry

Praise your team for outstanding achievements or host team-building activities and celebrate their success. Consistent collaboration will strengthen the corporate culture of the business and engage employees whilst increasing productivity efficiency, team motivation, trust and respect among the wider business.

9. Provide clear and concise communication

Effective communication is fundamental to achieving higher productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. As the cliché expresses: “short and sweet” exemplifies how a true leader speaks in the workplace. This leader will take a brief and pertinent approach to clarify any misunderstanding.

10. Think forward

Whether your leadership job title is CEO, MD, or any other position, you must determine your team’s winning strategy. There will be times when productivity levels can flatline, creating difficulties in achieving goals, overcoming obstacles and moving forward. To avoid this, it’s essential to constantly be proactive and take control of the situation causing conflict.

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