• Saves tonnes of time

    Having all your business action plans accessible in a few seconds saves you tonnes of time to work on your business

  • Full team engagement with business objectives

    Finally a simple way to cascade your main objectives throughout the whole business so everyone gets on the same page

  • Grow your team’s effectiveness

    Building your team’s Personal Development Plans (PDPs) inside Reclaro is an easy way to invest in your people and help them grow

  • Fantastic appraisals and 121s

    Having better appraisal and 121's using real time info from a team members Reclaro 1-3-5 mens they buy into the process. Engagement and productivity levels go through the roof!

  1. Team overview dashboard

    Our Team Overview Dashboard allows you to see the main performance dial of every single plan in your business or department. Within 2 seconds you can see if everyone is on the same page and performing well!

    • List every action plan in your business in order of performance
    • Colour coded dials let you know in a seconds who's on plan and who's off plan
    • Click on any dial and a see the whole plan appear, drill down if you want
    Team Overview Dashboard
  2. Main plan dashboard

    Don't confuse business with busyness. Having a simple dashboard of your main plan means you can see in seconds how you're performing, where you need to focus and what need to done. In real time with no longer waiting for reports!

    • Easily see if what you're working on is moving your dials
    • Your plan can easily be saved as a PDF and emailed to whoever you chose, even your mentor or Chairman
    • See clearly the milestones that need to be completed, focuses your mind on the important stuff
    Main plan dashboard
  3. Super fast loading mobile ready

    Our software tool loads super fast on your mobile which means you can check in on your plan just before the meeting starts or whilst you're waiting for a train. This helps you be highly productive and focused!

    • Your team always have their phones with them, they'll be able to see their plan in seconds keeping it front of mind
    • No-one likes looking at word docs or spreadsheets on their mobile, with Reclaro you can see your plan perfectly clear
    • All your business action plans load super fast meaning you're never in the dark how your business is performing
    Super fast loading mobile ready

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