• Clarify Your Business Strategy

    Structure what’s important as you set and cascade your OKRs throughout your entire organisation. Applying the 1-3-5® methodology at a team and/or individual level will provide a clear focus so employees can concentrate their efforts where it matters most to drive results.

  • Save Time Searching Files

    Keep an accurate view of performance all in one place. Instantly gain real-time visibility of full team performance, accountability and effectiveness towards your cascaded OKRs, across every level of your distributed business, all while on the move.

  • Full Team Engagement with Business Objectives

    Ensure your vision, objectives and goals are filtered throughout your entire business and 1-3-5® plans created at a team and/or individual level to make OKRs an essential part of everyday life. Employees realise the importance of their contribution to overall business performance.

  • Optimise Team Effectiveness

    Clarify role requirements and expectations so individuals know exactly where they need to focus their efforts in order to have a positive impact on business performance. Identify any inefficiencies and take action to resolve these and allocate resources more effectively.

  • Simplify Performance Management

    Each 1-3-5® plan shows performance in real-time towards objectives, facilitating highly effective 121 meetings and appraisals. Individual 1-3-5® plans highlight top performers and rising stars within the business, facilitating positive recognition and employee motivation.

  • Facilitate Agile Working and Reduce Silos

    Align remote workers using OKRs to set clear responsibilities and expectations and improve engagement and accountability. Increase your focus on the outcome being delivered, encouraging agile working and supporting a growing requirement for flexibility.

  1. Award-Winning 1-3-5® Business Planning

    The strategic vision, objectives and goals are set by the CEO, cascaded throughout the whole organisation and adapted at every level to create a perfect 1-3-5® plan for each team/individual within the business.

    • Manage workload and record progress
    • Maintain focus on important tasks to move forward
    • Share plans with managers, peers or subordinates
    • Create a private 1-3-5® Health and Wellbeing plan
    1-3-5 overview
  2. Team Dashboard of Business Performance Data

    The Team Overview Dashboard allows you to see the main performance dial of every single 1-3-5® plan in the business, ensuring you are kept up-to-date on performance levels at all times.

    • Always remain informed of accurate internal business performance
    • Real-time performance data available within one simple view, plus deep dive into any plan at any time
    • Arrange 1-3-5® plans in a specific order according to business function, level and more
    Team Overview Dashboard

Reclaro is so easy to use. It really helps me to structure my week and stay focused. I can see at a glance precisely where I am against my goals. Having goals broken down into intermediate tasks and milestones keeps everything organised and helps me stay on top of it all. I have recommended Reclaro to other areas of our business already and wouldn't think twice about recommending it to others.

Stephen Colbert
Head of Sales at Neutronic Technologies
Stephen Colbert
  1. Accurate Data, Anytime, Anywhere

    The Reclaro 1-3-5® OKR software loads instantly and shows consistent information across all mobile and desktop devices, giving you confidence that the information you receive is accurate and up-to-date, even while on the move.

    • Individuals can view and update their 1-3-5® plans quickly and easily whilst travelling between meetings
    • All information within Reclaro, including the 1-3-5® plans, is optimised for mobile viewing
    • Allows OKRs and high performance to become deep-rooted within everyday business culture
    Accurate Data, Anytime, Anywhere
  2. Award-winning Expertise and Guidance

    Our partner-led approach and commitment to an excellent customer experience mean you benefit from award-winning coaching and guidance as you set objectives and create your 1-3-5® plans during the onboarding process and beyond.

    • Bespoke business coaching to assist with strategy clarification, if required
    • 2 x Team Zoom sessions to support onboarding and accelerate the launch of Reclaro across the business
    • Support and guidance during full team roll-out
    • OKR best practice embedded throughout your business
    Dashboard Overview

Reclaro has been greatly beneficial for our business. Getting our strategy and key areas of focus set out and really clarified meant that we could all get to work on what’s really important to move things forward. Our objectives and goals are cascaded amongst remote teams so everyone is engaged in the priorities and more efficient with their time. As a result we can honestly say we’ve achieved more in 6 months using Reclaro than in the previous 3 years.

Gary Candlish
Gary Candlish
Managing Director at Ashdown Care Ltd

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