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OKR examples for education and training providers

OKRs, Objectives and Key Results are an actionable goal-setting and team-oriented framework that significantly benefits many businesses. This framework helps to boost productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace and increases collaboration and alignment by setting challenging, ambitious yet attainable goals with measurable and time-bound outcomes. Organisations that implement OKRs find they bridge the gap between goal-setting and goal execution leading to better results and faster growth.

OKRs within the education and training industry

The education and training industry includes schools, universities, colleges, and professional or skills training providers. At Reclaro, we work with various teams within Edge Hill University. They have used our award-winning 1-3-5® OKR software for over three years to plan and execute their strategic priorities amongst their complex facilities management division.

OKRs are widely used by ambitious growth-focused businesses and educational institutions throughout the US, such as The City College of New York, Ohio University and The University of California Irvine, to help them make a more significant impact on the lives of their students as they provide a robust, lasting educational support system.

OKR examples

Below we have included some OKR examples that may be found within a corporate training provider using our award-winning 1-3-5® OKR planning structure.

Vision: To be the number one training provider in our region and industry across all course products and learning solutions we offer.

Objective One: Improve the student-assessed quality of the learning experience.

Key Results:

  1. Improve staff training pass rates to 98%+ to ensure all our staff are fully qualified to deliver the training programmes.
  2. Ensure all students have personal development plans within one week of starting their course.
  3. Ensure all students are 100% happy with their personal development plan and consider these relevant and achievable.
  4. Ensure at least 90% of students complete their personal development plans within the duration of their course.
  5. Ensure all courses maintain at least 80% student satisfaction.

Objective Two: Enhance our distance learning offering by developing a remote-first online experience via our new learning portal.

Key Results:

  1. Sign up 1,000 trial customers for our new online multimedia learning software by the end of Q2.
  2. Launch five new fully-remote integrated multimedia product offerings to the market.
  3. Conduct at least one live webinar per month to introduce our new interactive media portal to potential students, and ensure recordings of these sessions are available on our website.
  4. Conduct a live full-day event to launch our learning experience and demonstrate to our key corporate clients how this will improve their employee’s training experience and outcomes.
  5. Ensure that corporate customers’ self-reported satisfaction rate with our online learning experience is greater than that of our classroom-based in-person training.

Objective Three: Increase brand awareness by improving our cross-channel marketing effort.

Key Results:

  1. Increase our content marketing by posting at least one thought leadership article weekly to our blog.
  2. Grow our monthly podcast on training and education to 5,000 average listeners across all platforms.
  3. Double the click-through rate from our email marketing campaigns by targeting potential corporate customers better.
  4. Increase customer enquiries from our website by improving loading speeds, introducing a chatbot and streamlining the user experience.
  5. Increase customer engagement with our social media presence (measured by reach, engagement and interaction rates) across all platforms by 50%.

Further real OKR examples

Below are some examples of inspirational objectives set by the US-based educational institutions mentioned above:

The City College of New York:

Objective - Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Student Success apparatus.

The University of California, Irvine:

Objective - Ensure student success now and in all future professional settings.

Ohio University:

Objective - Engage all students in meaningful programs, services, and activities to increase retention and graduation rates.

Final thought

If you are an education or training organisation, hopefully, this blog will have given you some ideas of the kind of OKRs you could set for your teams. If you want to find out more, check out our blog OKR examples to help you get started.

Finally, if you want to learn more about how to write compelling OKRs that cascade seamlessly throughout every level of your organisation, download our OKR Builder™ today! It includes a step-by-step guide to help you understand what OKRs should look like and how they translate across different departments in your business.

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