There are three annual events that fill most people with dread - a visit to the dentist (I know, you should really go twice a year), completing their tax return, and the dreaded annual appraisal.

We'll all had loads of annual reviews over the years - and I reckon most of them were 'tick box exercises' that had little or no value.

At Reclaro, we're more positive about the annual review process. Of course, good managers will have regular check-ins with their team on a weekly and monthly basis. But there's still tremendous value in an annual review - as long as it's done well.

Best of all, it doesn't need to be daunting. We've managed to boil down the elements of a cracking annual review into four questions. These are great conversation starters that should set you up for a review meeting that is empowering for both managers and team members. So, here goes:

There you have it, four great questions to delivering annual reviews that create value. In our experience, managers and team members come out of these meetings much more motivated.

Top 3 takeaways:

Posted by Pete Wilkinson

23 September 2019

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