Gone are the days of waiting until someone turns up on their first day to begin the onboarding and induction process. These days, employee onboarding begins as soon as someone accepts a job offer, so it’s vital to keep them engaged and excited about their new role during their notice period, however long that may be.

This infographic provides some suggestions on maintaining effective communication with new starters while they complete their notice period, ensuring they feel valued and super motivated to make a fresh start in your business.

Implementing all of these suggestions might be a little intense, and they may not be suitable for all roles. However, for highly competitive positions in senior management and leadership, it’s essential to keep in touch with them to develop an effective working relationship and ensure they turn up on their first day!

Week One (T-11 weeks):

  1. Offer Accepted - Contract of employment signed and returned.

Week Two (T-10 weeks):

  1. Welcome Email - Thank them for the signed contract and begin to build rapport.

Week Three (T-9 weeks):

  1. Equipment Requirements - Reach out to see if they need any specific equipment, such as a laptop or standing desk etc.

Week Four (T-8 weeks):

  1. Welcome Gift - Send them an inspirational book, mug, desk accessory or sweet treat etc.

Week Five (T-7 weeks):

  1. Quick Email - Ensure they have received the welcome gift and continue to build rapport

Week Six (T-6 weeks):

  1. Team Information Pack - Send them information about the team structure so they can become familiar with everyone they’ll be working with.

Week Seven (T-5 weeks):

  1. Invitation Email - Invite them to a team social or ask them to call in one day for an informal meetup.

Week Eight (T-4 weeks):

  1. Team Social - Make this informal, relaxed and fun!

Week Nine (T-3 weeks):

  1. Team Welcome Card - Send a card signed by those working with the new starter and the MD/CEO.

Week Ten (T-2 weeks):

  1. First Day Plans - Confirm first day location, start time, lunch plans etc

Week Eleven (T - 1 week):

  1. Mentor/Buddy - Assign a mentor or buddy to guide them in culture/norms etc. Introduce them via email.

Week Twelve (T-0 weeks):

  1. Warm Welcome - Ensure their desk and equipment are prepared and their induction plan ready.

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