Karen Yates

Karen is an exceptional leader with an important blend of vision and experience of delivering results. She has honed her skills while leading a high performing team in a £150m manufacturing company before joining the family business and ultimately starting her own brand. It is this breadth of experience across different business types alongside her personal drive to see people succeed that sets Karen apart. Her coaching service is growing from strength to strength and her clients vary from large manufacturing companies to start-ups where Karen shares the benefits of a clear vision and focus. Karen used the world famous 1-3-5 to develop her new business and now mentors MD’s & CEO’s to achieve their vision, enabling focussed teams and rocket-fuelled results. She is passionate about helping individuals and teams to be the best they can possibly be, to gain clarity, take action and achieve their vision enabling them to live the lives they want to lead. Karen’s positive energy and sound business knowledge mean that she is a valuable ally to any business leader wishing to succeed.

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Reclaro – Because focus delivers.

Using the power of focus to take action and achieve your goals. Reclaro is based on "The World's Best One Page Action Plan" developed by Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader and Performance Partner - Pete Wilkinson

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