As a dedicated introvert it has often occurred to me that people might assume that the louder you roar the greater the impact.

Well, that may depend on the type of impact you want to make.

Do you want to come across as aggressive, hard-nosed and tough – or someone who goes about their business with grace.

Looking back at my corporate life, I realise that the most influential and effective leaders – and in my experience many of these were women – were the ones who could create a moment without raising their voice.

They were the ones who were quiet and gentle with their feedback and appraisals. They were the ones who could command a room simply upon entering it.

For me, ‘roar’ isn’t about being either introvert or extrovert.

It’s about belief in yourself, embracing your skills and your attributes and letting them shine through. It’s about handling situations in a way that’s congruent with your choice of intention and behaviour.

Take some time out now to think about your own ‘roar’.

Make a list of all your skills then consider the times when you put those skills to one side – did it feel different, wrong, like you were shutting down part of yourself?

Explore your personality and how you communicate with people.

Start to be aware of situations when you don’t feel comfortable with how you’ve acted or reacted.

Ask yourself what would be different if you could be more you – and what’s stopping you?

Embracing your ‘youness’ isn’t about being inflexible or running roughshod over others. It’s quite the opposite, in fact.

It’s about being authentic and true to yourself – which in turn will earn respect from those around you.

You’ll know inside when you’ve found your roar.

You’ll feel it physically, too, in a subtle shift of body language – a straightening of the back, the head lifting slightly. And when you’ve found it, you don’t need to shout about it – your roar is simply who you are.


Ali Moore is a Positive Psychology Therapist and Mindfulness Practitioner who runs #FindYourRoar confidence workshops. Her book, Reconnect Your Life, is due out in September.

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