Decisions, decisions!

I’m always keen on learning lessons.  

I believe many of us have the chance to learn lessons, however, because we’re so busy we sometimes miss the lesson altogether!

I learnt a lesson recently that I want to share with you, because I’m now seeing it played out all the time:

“The difference between Macro and Micro Decisions!”

Let me explain this lesson…

A Macro decision is the big stuff:
-Starting a business
-Going for promotion
-Deciding to get fit.  

I’ve heard many times that you have to think big and I know that is important BUT, most of us think that thinking big and making the big Macro Decisions is the main thing.

The lesson I leant recently has taught me that that is not the case.  

It’s actually more important to focus your energy on the Micro Decisions.  

You need to focus here because it’s the Micro decisions that enable you to make progress.  

In fact I know it may be controversial but I believe its actually fairly easy to make Macro Decisions.

We normally get carried away and have some initial energy when we make the Macro Decision and go in all guns blazing…for a short period of time.

How many times have you seen someone, maybe even yourself, make a big Macro Decision like ‘I’m going to get fit this year’ and then not much happens after that first Macro Decision?

You see what I’ve learnt is, from my own experience of my recent long endurance race with The Royal Marines, and from others in business is this:

We need to focus on the Micro Decisions and be prepared to make small Micro Decisions all the time in order to make progress.

It’s not the big Macro Decision to get fit that is going to help you.  

It’s the persistent Micro Decisions of getting up that little bit earlier when it is raining to do that 30 minute run.  

It’s the Micro Decision to pop into the gym for 40 minutes on the way home from the office that will make the difference.  

When you think about your business, it’s the Micro Decision of following the basics of your role, day in day out for years on end that will lead to Elite Performance, not the one off Macro Decision to launch your new product or service.  

It’s the Micro Decisions of being on time all the time, and following through with the actions from the meeting, and sticking to your performance management structure with your senior team.  

These are the decisions that are going to allow you to deliver an increase in performance!

So in conclusion YES it’s good to make a Macro Decision to get started but make no mistake whatsoever it’s the Micro Decisions on a consistent basis that you need to be prepared for.

It’s the ongoing discipline of making Micro Decisions that will enable you to reach your potential.

Today, think not just about the big Macro Decisions you’ve made but the seemingly inconsequential Micro Decisions that will lead to growth!

CEO Reclaro

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