You've probably had some of these days:  

You work really hard doing 'stuff' and then after a long day you get home and say to your partner, mate, parent, child or dog "I've never stopped today" to which they reply "did you make an impact" to which you reply "absolutely not, I've just been doing stuff!"

We've all been there and made the same mistake:


It's an easy mistake to make and what is amazing is the solution is also easy.  The solution? Start by being really careful what you focus on. 

Instead of focusing on just doing stuff FOCUS ON BEING EFFECTIVE.  

One of the easist ways to become more effective is to always have a clear outcome in mind.  When you start a task or day for that matter have an outcome in mind of what that good day would look like.

Before a phone call or a team meeting have a clear outcome in mind that you wnat to achieve.  By focusing on being effective and acheiveing your outcomes you'll find you make more progress.  When you start making more progress one day at a time you'll be amazed how much more you deliver each week, month and quarter.  

We all have days from time to time that seem to run away with themselves but by getting a bit clearer about what outcomes we want we'll at least produce a good result and move a little bit closer to where we want to be.

In short focus on always having an OUTCOME.







Reclaro – Because focus delivers.

Using the power of focus to take action and achieve your goals. Reclaro is based on "The World's Best One Page Action Plan" developed by Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader and Performance Partner - Pete Wilkinson

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