An excellent start to your day can get the endorphins rushing round your body. Some people tuck into a bowl of porridge. Others run around the park. And some like to mediate for 20 minutes. For a high-performance team, we think a morning briefing is a great way to get everyone fired up for the day.

It’s important to have a regular morning briefing that energises the team and aligns them to the collective goals for the day. Ideally, the morning briefing becomes a habit that helps increase the cadence of your business.

Here’s my rundown of the most important components of an excellent morning briefing.

  1. Start on time. Set a time to start your morning briefing and stick to it. You can schedule a different start time for different days if you need to. But once you’ve set the schedule for Monday at 8.15am, then be consistent every Monday.

  2. Keep it short. The briefing is there to get all the team aligned for the upcoming day. Keep the briefings short, no more than 15 minutes. You want people to come in on time and know they’re going to be back at their desks quickly.

  3. Be prepared. Don’t ever wing it. You have to prepare for the briefing – not for hours, though. Get to the point.

  4. Share the important stuff. What is the main focus going to be today? What are the priorities for your team?

  5. Make a pledge. Everyone should make one commitment that they intend to achieve that day. This might be how many customer connections they’re going to make; or how many offers they’re going to generate; or how many demos they’re going to make.

  6. Review your pledges. After Monday’s briefing pledges, make sure you review them on Tuesday and ask how they’ll move them forward.

  7. End on a high. You want your people to be ready for an effective day. So, help them to feel positive with some good news. Have you reached a certain milestone? Have you had a good testimonial? Did you receive three more five-star reviews? Is the ozone layer repairing itself?

In short make it short, punchy, upbeat, and commit to your pledges. A fired-up workforce will accelerate your business results.